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Our Story

We, as a family, have always enjoyed entertaining and hosting

holiday and family parties. We are looking forward to expanding

our range of entertainment with the community.

I would like to share our updated prices and event packages I will

be offering. I am currently focusing on wedding weekend

packages, baby shower packages and kid birthday party

packages. We will also include a base price for all other party


My goal is to provide a stress-free wedding day for the bride. I

believe a bride should spend her day enjoying every moment, not

worrying about anything else. Any problems or issues that arise,

should not be presented to the bride, that is what I will take care

of for her and for her family.

I would also like to provide a care-free child’s birthday party where

the kids can have an unlimited amount of fun, while the parents sit

back and relax. Every child deserves one day out of the year to

be just about them! Especially if they have siblings. I intend to

create an atmosphere where the parents just walk in and

everything is done for them, even the clean-up.

As for baby showers, as they are traditionally designed for first

time mothers, I would like to offer a day that is solely based on the

mom to be. Having a baby is such an exciting and scary moment

in every woman’s life. Like a bride, she deserves a day focused

on embracing the new journey she is adventuring upon

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